JPEG2000 Compression/Decompression Hardware Design and Implementation on FPGA using VHDL - Shahed University

Bachelor Thesis Project, under supervision of Prof. Mohammadzadeh - [ Sep 2012 - June 2013 ]  
  • Designing a JPEG2000 compression/decompression hardware
  • Implementation of the hardware on FPGA board, and evaluation of its performance

Data Center Design - IRIB Cyber Media Department

Position: Virtualization & Network Design Professional, Design Team Member - [ Jun 2012 - Aug 2012 ]
IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) is Iran's national broadcasting firm, operates all of the country's radio and television channels. The Cyber Media Department handles IRIB's cyber-media operations, which consists of hosting online content, media streaming, IPTV, etc.
  • Designed a high performance, resilient, and virtualized Data Center optimized for large scale media storage and online broadcasting
  • Considered available room space and cooling constraints in place, maximum tolerable weight, and other limitations dictated by building's structure and the department's available resources.

Implementing automated software build, testing, and deployment in virtualized test environments using Continuous Integration and VMware ESXi - Yavaran Emtedad Moj

Position: Solution Architect, Project Coordinator - [ Mar 2010 ]
Yavaran Emtedad Moj Co. develops large-scale software solutions for many firms and enterprises, banks and financial institutions in particular, and because of the natural sensitivity of their work, every release and update on their products has to go through careful testing procedures performed  by professional testers prior to deployment.
  • Provisioned and implemented continuous integration using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Implemented an automated virtual testing environment preparation and deployment solution
  • Developed an automated application testing solution

Migrating online application and services to virtualization platform without service disruption - Shahed University

Position: Solution Architect, Implementation Team Co-leader - [ Jan 2011-Feb 2011 ]
Shahed University Data Center hosts many online services, including email service, website hosting, etc., while has to maintain a four-nine up-time requirement. In order to acheive better utilization of their resources and to reduce their maintenance operations costs, they decided to virtualize their services using VMware ESXi.
  • Migrated all services with almost no additional down-time (Session restarts, mostly)
  • Studied each of the services and applications and proposed migration strategies
  • Tested the migration approaches before actual deployment
  • Performed a fast and fully-automated migration

Developing software solution for centralized online management of natural gas facilities - Fer Gaz Co.

Position: Solution Architect, Lead Developer - [  Aug 2007 - Now ]
Fer Gaz Co., is a known Iranian natural gas vendor, and has numerous facilities throughout the country. The task was to develop a solution for registering, tracking, and management of their distribution and sales operations.
  • Designed a resilient solution for registering, tracking, and management of sales and distribution operations
  • Connected the facilities to headquarter office's database and synchronize data
  • Provided a backup mechanism to provide offline connectivity
  • Developed user interfaces for report generation, logistics facilitation, operation control, management, and supervision